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Script Coverage Services
Why is CANDID COVERAGE better than competitors?

Value - Bang for the Buck!
Many offer "basic coverage" that provides the writer with 2-3 pages of coverage for prices ranging from $100 to $2,000! While this basic coverage is useful for development execs and other industry folks, it doesn't provide enough comprehensive feedback for the writer to substantially improve the script. That's why the Candid Coverage is generally 6 to 10 pages. Although others might offer similar premium coverage, writers must usually pay premium charges over and above the basic fees.

Honest Screenplay Feedback - That's what it's really all about!
Here is the truth: 99% of written screenplays fail to meet the professional calibre of quality required to sell to the Hollywood marketplace. Everyone wants to believe their scripts are in that top 1%. But wanting something doesn't make it happen without tremendous dedication to developing the craft of writing. James Jordan helps writers tackle this process realistically, to vastly improve his clients' chances for success.

Many Unique Services
Thanks for your interest in James Jordan's script coverage services!  James offers many unique services for screenwriters of all levels from working professionals to novices.  These services differ drastically from those who offer traditional 2-page industry screenplay coverage.  Please click the links at upper right for more information.

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