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Honest Affordable Screenplay Analysis by James Jordan
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Candid Coverage for TV Pilots


 "Candid Coverage" (6-10 pages)
for Original TV Pilot is $300 per Script

These days, TV producers insist on reading original material in addition to submitted episodic specs. James has interviewed so many in the television industry, he can offer writers valuable objective feedback. For $300, writers receive comprehensive analysis (usually 6-10 pages) of their TV pilot scripts.

Note: If same script is rewritten and resubmitted, the revised coverage is only $250, (please see "Re-Submission Rates" page for details).

If you chose to pay with PayPal, please add $13.00 to cover the transaction fee.  Please read the "Submission Guidelines" completely before paying.

Please click on the link to "Television Interviews" under "Hollywood Moderator and Producer" to read about Jordan's television qualifications.


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Candid Coverage for TV Pilots
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