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"I read EVERYTHING myself. Some script services that offer fast turnaround will often farm out the coverage to other readers. They might be great readers or not. But you'll likely never know for sure. Also, my standard coverage usually runs between 6 to 10 pages compared to the typical 2 to 3 pages offered by other services. 

I will read any script genre except horror. (I don't really like horror films, especially the torture, slasher genre.) However, I will read psychological thriller scripts, as long as there isn't killing on every other page.
Writers who have taken advantage of my services have been quite appreciative of the honest feedback. I saved them from burning bridges with their Industry contacts by sending out material that wasn't ready. Most importantly, however, these writers learned where they need to focus and improve in whatever script they choose to write next. 

Clients also receive various supplemental materials, such as an article about the writing philosophy of David Milch, the inspiring television writer, which includes his famous writing exercise. Everyone who does this exercise improves as a writer. 

You can e-mail the screenplay as a PDF file to my e-mail address:
I accept payment via PayPal, money order or cashier's check for domestic clients. 
(Please contact me via e-mail for address to send money orders or cashier's checks.)
For international clients, I use PayPal exclusively.
Since I am always very busy, it will probably take about two weeks for me to e-mail your coverage.  However, rush services are available, (see details on "Discounts and Rush Charges" page).
Note: For protection of your intellectual property, scripts should be copyrighted (at before submission to others. Ideas themselves are not copyrightable, but unique written expression of ideas is copyrightable. WGA Registration does NOT offer you legal protection; therefore, you should always opt for Copyright over WGA Registration.

Please complete the "Writer's Questionnaire" by clicking the link to the upper right and return it with your script submission. This brief questionnaire will help
me to know you better and therefore help you more.

Submission Guidelines
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