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Candid Coverage AllStars
"Candid Coverage All-Stars" announced
James Jordan is proud to announce his list of the first "Candid Coverage All-Stars.” This elite group of writers have worked very hard to develop their writing craft to a caliber worthy of consideration by Hollywood's toughest gatekeepers. Congratulations!

"Candid Coverage All-Stars" include:
- Naomi Lamont - Chris McQuade - Betty Sullivan - Sally McGillis - Paul Littell
- Michael Navarro - Megan Johnson

"Candid Coverage All-Star Veterans" include:
- Michael Lent
- Tom Schulman

CANDID COVERAGE offers its highest possible recommendation to Michael Lent and Tom Schulman based on their talent, professionalism, Hollywood resumes, and their long commitment to helping writers of all levels.

Please click the links at right for "Candid Coverage All-Stars" Writer and representative contact information.

Naomi Lamont
Betty Sullivan
Chris McQuade
Megan Johnson
Paul Littell
Sally McGillis
Michael Navarro
Michael Lent