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Hollywood Moderator Producer
Moderator of Hollywood Events

Over the years, James Jordan has interviewed countless film and television guest speakers, including writers, producers, studio and network executives, directors, actors, agents and managers. These live interviews, sponsored by The Scriptwriters Network, The Screenwriting Expo and primarily Sherwood Oaks Experimental College, were conducted over many years at numerous events and almost every major studio including Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Sony, 20th Century Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox Television.  These working film and television professionals offered insightful opinions of what constitutes a great script. James passes along their wisdom to you, so you can apply it to your scripts.

Please click the page links to the right for more details about some of the more noteworthy interviews and possible video and/or text interview excerpts.

Special Events Producer

James has experience producing events at both the Screenwriting Expo and ArcLight Hollywood Cinemas.  Please click the links at right for more details.

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