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Television Interviews
TV Showrunners Panel A Smash Hit

At the 2003 Screenwriting Expo, Jordan interviewed television writer-producers Mark Goffman (The West Wing), Marc Zicree (Sliders), Ellen Sandler (Everybody Loves Raymond), and Sunil Nayar (CSI: Miami). The panelists were extremely informative.

Returning Moderator at Screenwriting Expo 3

Jordan returned the following year to moderate the Television Writers Panel at the 2004 event. The engaging panel featured J. Larry Carroll (Star Trek: TNG, Tekwar, Stargate SG-1), Jonathan Robert Kaplan (JAG and NYPD Blue), Jan Oxenberg (Cold Case, Chicago Hope), and the hilarious Peter Mehlman (Seinfeld). Highlights of this interview will soon be available on James Jordan's YouTube channel.  Click the video link above right.

Interview with Emmy-nominated Joe Mantegna

Jordan also interviewed Emmy-nominated actor Joe Mantegna at the “Story to Glory” film series event celebrating the tenth Anniversary of “Searching for Bobby Fischer.” The film series was co-produced by James Jordan.  To see interview highlights, click the video link above to James Jordan's YouTube channel.

Interview with Showrunner Tom Hertz

Jordan interviewed brilliant television showrunner Tom Hertz at The Scriptwriter's Network June 2002 monthly meeting.  (Video clips from this extraordinary interview will be uploaded in the future to this site.)  For a written account of Mr. Hertz's wisdom, please click the "Free Articles and More" link on this site.  Mr. Hertz's television credits include "Rules of Engagement", "Freddie", "Meet The Kellys", "Less Than Perfect", "The King of Queens", "Spin City", "Dennis Miller Live", and "The Jon Stewart Show."

Observer on "Less Than Perfect"

Jordan was permitted to observe nearly the entire taped season as a VIP guest of Executive Producer Tom Hertz.  On occasion, Jordan was able to sit beside Mr. Hertz backstage and learn how staff and crew work during the taping of a network multi-camera sitcom.  Jordan's acquired knowledge is shared with his writing clients.

Interview with "House" Executive Producers Larry Kaplow and Russel Friend

During an amazing Sherwood Oaks College seminar conducted on the 20th Century Fox lot, Jordan interviewed writing partners Larry Kaplow and Russel Friend, who also serve as Executive Producers for the monster hit television series, "House."  In this candid interview, the pair explained in great detail what it takes to successfully write for a show as intricate as "House."

Meetings with Writing Staff from "Tonight Show" and "Friends"

Jordan and a few other freelance writers met with two of "The Tonight Show" staff writers after watching the show tape and meeting personally with Jay Leno.  We learned plenty from Mr. Leno's writers as we enjoyed a 2-hour steak dinner following the show's taping.

On a separate visit to the Warner Bros. lot, Jordan and a small group from Sherwood Oaks College were invited in for a private discussion with the Writer's Room Showrunner and other key writers from "Friends," then enjoyed VIP seating for the taping.  At MIDNIGHT, after a marathon taping session, the group had pizza and received a post-show analysis from the writing team responsible for that particular episode.  Truly a memorable learning experience.

Observer on "Gideon's Crossing"

Showrunner and Oscar-winning Writer Paul Attanasio granted permission for James Jordan to observer many episodes of the one-hour television drama "Gideon's Crossing" as it was filmed on the Raleigh Studios Hollywood lot. Jordan got to learn many of the conventions performed on a filmed television show including rehearsals, scene rewriting, and post production.  Mr. Attanasio would later become one of the Executive Producers of the hit show "House."

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Television Interviews