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Discounts and Rush Charges


At this time, the only discounts being offered to writers are for resubmitted scripts from existing clients.  Resubmission pricing is explained in each applicable section. 

WGA signatory literary agents and established producers should contact James Jordan to request possible discounts on behalf of their clients.

Rush Charges

Scripts are covered in the order they arrived. However, if a writer requires expedited reading for whatever reason, the typical "Rush Service Surcharge" is $100 in addition to the normal rates.

However, this charge is subject to change without written notice based on James' current schedule and priorities. Please call James' cell at (714) 402-6308 to discuss Rush Coverage availability and current charges.

Submission Guidelines
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"Greenlight Story Coverage"
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Candid Coverage for TV Pilots
Re-Submission Rates
Discounts and Rush Charges
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