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Testimonials from Colleagues and Clients 

“Most script consultants won’t really tell screenwriters the complete truth about their material because they are afraid of driving away paying customers. That’s why I like what James Jordan is doing. He is one of the TOP TEN most honest screenplay consultants in the nation who actually tells writers what they need to do to improve."
- Gary Shusett, Founder & Director
Sherwood Oaks Experimental College
“Thank you so, so much for your fantastic analysis. I think your restructuring suggestions for my script are brilliant. I already see the new scene transitions and can’t wait to start working on the rewrite!”
- Naomi Lamont (Wilberforce, Australia)
 Update: Naomi's script sold

“I'm overwhelmed with the breadth of your efforts and your response -- all the supporting reference materials AND the level of thought that went into your coverage. You hit some of my subtle structural problems right on the nose. And you opened new possibilities for my two lead characters. As I implement your ideas, I can see a new energy and narrative drive building in my political thriller script. James, you give a professional level of feedback that I’ve not seen from a number of other consultants. Combined with your e-mails and phone conversations, you helped to advance my script from ‘good student’ level to pro level. Thanks again for the great criticism. I’ve already referred you to a couple of my best writing colleagues.
- Paul Littell (Rowayton, CT)

“James Jordan's Candid Coverage provided the feedback and comments I need to take my script to the next level. His services go beyond that of a standard coverage service and include his experience and wealth of personal knowledge of the industry. James' passion for the craft and insights can give your script the competitive edge needed for success.”
- Chris McQuade (Marina del Rey, CA)

“Wow! I like your honesty. Everything you've said and the way you've said it makes perfect sense. From title to logline to script, you've nailed it in terms of pointing out the areas that need reworking. You have done what several friends within the profession (moviemakers) have been unable to do, point out exactly where the story, etc, is failing. I am now armed with the information I need to improve this script and the others that will follow. Thank you, James. You're a gem.”
- Andy Davie (United Kingdom)

“Thank you so much for my Candid Coverage. This is the honest assessment that I need to help me write a screenplay that works and will sell. Your coverage really points out my script’s weaknesses, and the realities of what I'll need to do in order to be competitive.”
- Peter Thompson (New York, NY)

“As with my other script, I felt you did a great job analyzing it. I find your feedback very constructive and I feel confident that my rewrite will really improve my story. You’ve given me lots to work with.”
- Art Blum (Los Angeles, CA)

“Thank you for your excellent coverage. I really appreciate your comments. You gave me some important things to think about. I need to get out the scissors and begin slashing scenes.”
- Mike Trentacosti (Marina Del Rey, CA)

“Thanks for your detailed analysis. It brings me down to reality. I will restructure my screenplay and hopefully send it back to you.”
- Oscar Pogarian (La Crescenta, CA)

“James, your helpful coverage is to the point, concise and direct. You stayed with the basic mistakes. Very importantly, you also kept a kind and respectful tone. From now on, I am not using another reader, only Candid Coverage.”
- Philippe Farcy (Highland Park, IL)

“Many thanks for the analysis. It was very in-depth and carefully considered.”
- David Smith (Venice, CA)

"Thanks James! Your insight was very valuable and I'll be going back to my draft with a fresh perspective. When I have the first ten pages rewritten, I'll send them over to you for review to make sure I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks again, it was a pleasure.”
- Kevin Heberle (New York)

"I finished reading your coverage and I agree 100%. All of your comments just re-enforced what I've been thinking ever since I wrote the script. Thanks so much for your coverage. It's been invaluable."
- George Covic (Capistrano Beach, CA)

“I found your coverage helpful and encouraging. I think you nailed some key problems in the 1st ten pages. Thanks for your valuable input.”
- Mike Orton (Nipomo, CA )

“It was really worth having my screenplay critiqued by you before it goes anywhere else. I appreciate your comments because it drives me more to improve my writing skills and not to give up. I want to get your input again with the revision and other future projects.”
- Don Sison (Valparaiso, IN)

“James, thanks for your coverage. I get what you're saying about that opening scene and my logline and the general problem of tone with both. I clearly have a ways to go, but up for the challenge as always. Thanks again for the feedback.”
- Keri Schreiner (Long Beach, CA)

“Just read your coverage notes, James. Very helpful. Thanks a million. I will definitely incorporate much of your thoughts (in the rewrite). Thanks again."
- John Lewis (El Segundo, CA)

"James, thanks for the great coverage. Others warned against the title and the time period, so I will take yours as the tipping point and change those elements. I appreciate the kind words and the insights."
- Andrew Jackson (Los Angeles, CA)

"I have read your coverage and I'm thrilled at the quality of your insights and suggestions. What I also appreciate is your obvious passion for storytelling. I have referred another friend to your services. Thanks for your fabulous help."
- Roger Nelson (Sydney, Australia)

“James, your coverage was thoughtful, encouraging and helpful. I'm doing a rewrite based on your good recommendation that all the scenes be ‘examined through a prism of the Protagonist’s current emotional state.’ I still have more work to do there as well as other items you mentioned. This was money well spent!”
- Matt Byrnes (Venice, CA)

"We found your coverage helpful, concise and highly professional. All of your notes offered sound advice based on solid criteria and will be implemented. This was reassuring and valuable to us. We will be working with you again and will recommend you to others. Many thanks."
- Jay and Karyn Milner (Mountain Home, TN)

"Excellent coverage, James. I like your thoughts on changing the protagonist and will probably have another go at it. What surprises me was the amount of obvious things I didn’t catch. I appreciate your level of detail. Thanks again."
- Alan Duncan (Mission Viejo, CA)
Thanks James! Good notes and reasonably priced. Let's continue working together.
- Stephen Hoover (Baton Rouge, LA)
"I volunteer with James for the Scriptwriters Network. James is not only responsible and dependable, but he is also a personable and friendly listener. Every time we have a conversation, he makes me feel like I'm the most important person there -- and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. He tends to brighten the room! I feel lucky to be acquainted with such a thoughtful and kind person and I look forward to working with him more in the future."
- Susan Bridges (The Scriptwriters Network’s former newsletter editor)
“James, I thought your comments were quite valid based on my first ten script pages. You have lots of experience reading screenplays and a good pulse on what producers and actors look for in the first ten pages. Thanks!”
- Barry Becker (Portland, OR)
“James, your ‘Story Coverage’ was very helpful. Thank you for the great points that the film summary needs to get across to agents and managers. Cheers!”
- Megan Clare Johnson (Portland, OR)
“Thank you for the coverage.  I have read it several times, nodded the head, read it again. You certainly know your stuff and it shows. I know that a good working relationship with a consultant is imperative. I want to send my next script to you as soon as your schedule permits.” 
- Sally McGillis (Glendale, AZ)
 “James, a key for getting to your vision was having fourteen people act out the script.  The kinds of flaws you saw jumped out major. Based on the rewrites, the script is moving forward with several producers interested.”
- Doug Johnson (Park City, UT)
“Mr. Jordan, thank you for being so gracious in speaking with me. I really appreciated it. I went to your site...WOW, even more great information. You go beyond what the average consultants talk about. After buying/reading books, surfing the net and going to seminars/expos for the last several years, I can tell the difference between FLUFF and what you offer. Great information.”
- Carmen Bedford (Los Angeles, CA)
“Thank you for the coverage. Everything you said does make sense!  No tears or complaints at all. Your coverage opened avenues in my mind that I thought I was not supposed to envision.  You lifted up latent criticisms I had about the script and brought them to light. Now I think the road is much clearer for me. I feel encouraged to re-envision the script thanks to your very supportive, constructive, and honest review.”
- Michael Navarro (Los Angeles, CA)